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Theories & Concepts of Child Development by Joan William is the perfect guidebook for Parents, Providers, and Professionals who on daily basis ensures with the responsibilities of helping children to reach their full potentials.


Joan william

Joan William is a Childcare Professional and Consultant. She has M.S in Education (Early Childhood Studies) and currently doing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She is the Executive Director of Tiny Tots. She believes in the wellbeing of the children, irrespective of their personal circumstances, such as race, religion, gender, disability or cultural backgrounds.

This extends to supporting families from diverse backgrounds. She is dedicated to building a safe, stimulating and educational environment for all, including the poor community. This environment ensures a warm, caring, supportive atmosphere where each child can succeed, grow, feel loved and secure and develop a sense of belonging.

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Here is the preview of some of the chapters from Joan William’s book, Theories and Concepts of Child Development: From Newborns to 5 Year Olds.

Theories And Concepts of

Child Development

This book is the perfect tool for newly married couples regardless of age. The reason behind saying that is the challenges every couple is likely to face while raising a child. Without proper knowledge and safety measures, anyone can experience complications that can result in irreversible catastrophic outcomes.


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Theories And Concepts of

Child Development

Watch the trailer of the video now to witness the benefits every reader will be able to gain from this book upon its completion. This book is guaranteed to help married couples of all ages with their first newborn. The couple can improvise over time as they bear more children upon their consent.


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